Reasons why Business needs Creative Minds

by Bimotife for TISV Digital 01 Jul, 2019

Creativity is the process of nurturing your imagination, allowing you to think out of the box. Being able to think creatively helps you invent problem solved, create and communicate in fresh new ways.

  1. All Recent Marketing Hits Are Coming from Great Ideas; it can be an expresso, Apple or Samsung. At the origin, there is a great idea.
  2. Customers Are Very Demanding; Today’s consumers and business customers are very demanding. So they want to be more than just satisfied, they want to be excited and if you want to excite them you need to also find great ideas.
  3. As Daniel Pink put it; 
  4. The age of left brain dominance is gone. The future belongs to a different kind of people with a different mind; designers, inventors, storytellers.”
  5. Business should Be Creative; you can be creative in mathematics, designs, cooking, in organizing your life, you can be creative in all. Well, business also should be creative in order to generate more value.
  6. Invent The Future; Nobody knows how the future will be in 5-10years. If you cannot predict the future you better invent it.
  7. Creative Ideas Help Solving The Problems Of Our Current World; The problems we face today are without any precedent, overpopulation, climate change. These are really big issues, so if we don’t find creative ideas we will not be able to solve those problems. So Creativity is just needed.
  8. Find A Competitive Advantage; The reason why a business can be successful requires creativity at the strategic level not only on the operational level.

Afterall Creativity is fun, so what is life without Excitement?

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