Your Passion-The Stepping Stone

by Alu Michael for TISV Digital 08 Jul, 2019

Just in case you are wondering what this write up could be all about, permit me, you will only get the full grasp of knowledge of the writing by the end of reading through, I can imagine myself on the podium of a big hall with a countless number of lives in which I will prefer to call them potentials.  

Ladies and gentleman, I needed us to ask ourselves this one important question, The question is how many lives have you ever affected through technology, just in case you forget, one thing about you, you may seem to forget, is the fact that, the world is looking for someone like you, but the question is what is your passion, what is driving you, what is it, anyway, the disastrous thing is, if what drives you comes from the external( meaning from what you get), the truth is the journey will be difficult to navigate.

Here is Michael Boluwaji, a young innocent Kwara state village boy, he woke up one day, and asked himself, how relevant he can be in the nearest future, He walked around his immediate environment and started seeing possibilities coupled with countless potential to bring these possibilities to reality, how best can you see your environment, are you seeing as a problem solver, this question is directed to individuals, cause you to have a big part to play.

Evolving from an unfavourable background, Boluwaji, Sees beyond just the problems, he also sees lives to impact to accomplish this. This brought a whole lot of work of building and going through training both technologically and entrepreneurship oriented ones, He started his career journey some years back while in University (2nd year), most times the definition of training goes beyond just reading about it, but experiencing it, series of sleepless nights, countless of financial career investment, numerous numbers of networks with great leaders in Tech. At some point, it seemed like he was alone in the world trying to solve a specific programmatic problem for several weeks, all these experiences prepared him for a great and better future of impacting lives.

The University got to know him through some series of impact he had started making on university students and the world at large, He came up with an idea to develop the university navigation system mobile app and he accomplished it, permit me to tell you, reader, you got to finish that plan you have started, for the beauty of the plan is in the fulfilment, He became Google Developer Group Team Lead, and subsequently Developer Student Club Lead all sponsored by Google, He had several professional certifications as a mobile developer with experiences  in several projects, He also started a track of learning in Machine Learning. This platform helped him in achieving a lot, building up the passionate minds in Tech world,  He has affected countless of student's lives both in Nigeria and out via several Google, Andela, Facebook ..etc and personal Workshops, He is the co-founder of Xpressoft Nigeria.

Everything in this write up focuses on your passion, dear reader, you got to discover yours, Boluwaji has discovered his own, which is putting smiles upon faces through technology, sit back and ruminate on this, the anchor's thought is, passion goes beyond the material advantage, the major advantages and benefits of passion are Joy, Peace Success consciousness. Discover your potential TODAY!

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