Design and Communication - Part 1

by Olisa for TISV Digital 28 Jun, 2018

How well are we communicating?

As a designer, I constantly wonder whether or not designs do communicate and reach the audience as it ought to and as much as it needs to. How do we really tell if this is the case or just a general assumption, which may have diffused into obscurity?  Day after day, we get pencil to paper, to digital and then to the clients’ desk -as the case may be- and then wait for a “feedback”. We anxiously expect a positive review, sign-off and finally deploy our visual to the public. However, how many times, do we actually track and see if this “approved” visual is getting the response intended from the very start?  

So many colours, so much text, giving us “instructions” to “get this” and “do that”…or “don’t do that”, and so on. Everywhere, there seems to be information staring right back at us, sometimes we deliberately ignore it (I do), funny.

Simplicity, they say, is best. I agree, but it might seem not always the case in some instances. Which leads me to another question, how come? Organisations and businesses need to speak to the audience using visually appealing materials, I sometimes think it has become default to “create a nice design” just because it could be the right thing to do…but is it the required thing at that moment?  I do not have an answer for that yet.

Communication can be easy, keep it simple (and direct, and visually exciting…etc).

Verbally “I would like some more… ” Is quickly translated as should. However, “That was very nice, did you use ginger to garnish, I used to like ginger as a child so much that my parents would…could I possibly have a bit more, if that’s fine?”   Both arrive at the same request, the latter lengthens the journey. I feel this can be good and bad, depending on what the subject at hand is.

This is intended to be an open topic, possibly leading to other areas of interest.  Let’s hear what you think, irrespective of your discipline.

What get’s your attention?

Stay tuned for more…

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