The Importance of a Good Brand Name for a Business

by Kunbi for TISV Digital 14 Jun, 2018

Before you set out to start a business, who do you intend to reac and what do you hope to achieve?

Quite a lot of people in business have ideas, they have various marketing strategies locked up in them, but just a few look beyond themselves before picking a brand name.

Looking outward from beyond your own point of view, what do you want your business to stand for?

A good brand name would appeal to your potential clients before they hear what you have to sell.

This is where some people in business miss it. For example, you are a Christian, you want to make your business “churchy” so you call it Joseph &son’s, Shiloh, Rehoboth, The Jerusalem’s place. By looking at all these names, I can say we are trying to attract people to church. Why not think beyond yourself when choosing a business name?

A good brand name is one that attracts all kinds and various facets of life. A good brand name would on a daily basis bring in people that won’t first judge your decision making on branding, but would open up everyone’s mind to do business with you.

A good brand name stands the test of time for generations to come. So my stand for picking a good brand for your business should be:

  1. Who do I want to attract?

  2. How long do I want my business to last?

  3. Let your brand name work with your vision.

  4. Does your brand name & mission statement work in line?

To wrap this up, when seeking to start a business, look beyond yourself, your environment, your culture, your status in picking a good brand name.

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