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08 Jul
Your Passion-The Stepping Stone

Just in case you are wondering what this write up could be all about, permit me, you will only get the full grasp of knowledge of the writing by the end of reading through, I can imagine myself on the podium of a big hall with a countless number of lives in which I will prefer to call them potentials.

by Alu Michael for TISV Digital
01 Jul
Reasons why Business needs Creative Minds

Creativity is the process of nurturing your imagination, allowing you to think out of the box. Being able to think creatively helps you invent problem solved, create and communicate in fresh new ways.

by Bimotife for TISV Digital
04 Feb

As we join the rest of the world to celebrate World Cancer Day today, here are a few tips that can help reduce the risk of having any type of Cancer.

by Daniel Sandra for TISV Digital
30 Jul
Measuring Social Media ROI - Part II

With the various activities and processes that are possible via social media, how can you be sure that your efforts are generating actual business results? How can you accurately measure the return on investment of your work?

by Gbenga for TISV Digital
23 Jul
Measuring Social Media ROI

There certainly needs to be some sort of proof or indicator showing the effectiveness of social media campaigns…even though in instances the increment in number of “followers” would suffice.

However, there’s more to it, and quite detailed too. Profit needs to be made and clients are anxiously expectant of quick results.

by Gbenga for TISV Digital
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