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28 Jun
Design and Communication - Part 1

How well are we communicating?

As a designer, I constantly wonder whether or not designs do communicate and reach the audience as it ought to and as much as it needs to. How do we really tell if this is the case or just a general assumption, which may have diffused into obscurity?

by Olisa for TISV Digital
18 Jun
Following the system. How prepared are you?

This might be a rather confusing title for some, however, it is as clear as it sounds.

I happened to read an article recently which did make more sense to me than others in similar categories. It mentioned how staying less focused on the goal/outcome and putting more energy into the system/pattern which provides the outcome eventually is the proper and wiser thing to do.

by Olisa for TISV Digital
14 Jun
The Importance of a Good Brand Name for a Business

Before you set out to start a business, who do you intend to reac and what do you hope to achieve?

Quite a lot of people in business have ideas, they have various marketing strategies locked up in them, but just a few look beyond themselves before picking a brand name.

by Kunbi for TISV Digital
26 Apr
7 Ways to Avoid Twitter Suspension

Twitter has been on a fierce crackdown on its users in the past few days. Accounts getting suspended and followers reducing drastically. 

Don't be afraid, there are ways to safeguard yourself from their predatory acts.

by Gbenga for TISV Digital
23 Mar
The Social Friendly Workplace

When it comes to how a workplace should function, employers and employees place more focus on
creating a work friendly environment and the aesthetics of the workplace. 

by Excel for TISV Digital
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