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02 Feb
Paddy Adenuga, his mums Simba

It’s been 11 long months since I've been nurturing this grand idea, almost something out of the ordinary. There’s this bit of me that is dead sure this will be the most talked about thing in the digital space in Nigeria. Many thoughts pan my mind always, and whilst I’m being the boss at tisv.digital, I spend most of my nights brooding how and when this dream will come to life. 

by Timmy for TISV Digital
30 Jan
People From Another Planet

I told you about my office earlier.

The TISV guys are from another planet. Everyone from different planets. You see these duo, they are from the outer planet, every other person came from the inner planet. Before I continue, it is good that you know.

by Doyin for TISV Digital
25 Jan
Thursday Brunch

The day was finally here just like every other day but this time with a special touch of greatness. The
creative director broke the news at noon on Wednesday of a visit we'll have the next day. Guess who is visiting; one of our clients. Everyone was surprised except myself of course as I was up-to- date before the announcement but kept mute as I'm not in the position to make one.

by Doyin for TISV Digital
22 Jan
Meet Our Man Crush

Take a look back on the road and you'll see how far you've gone towards a bigger and better you.

Last week, a voice came out loud from my right hand side behind the business director work space about little amount of likes on his IG page and that prompted each and everyone of the TISV team to visit his page and bombard it with likes.

by Gbenga for TISV Digital
18 Jan
Our World At A Glance

Tranquility is not one of the things I like! I don't stay long in quietude. I would have thought this is one of
the places I'll leave without staying the next hour, alas!

by Doyin for TISV Digital
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